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"Paid for itself many times over."

"I had to seriously justify initially spending the money to my wife. Considering the place I'm in now, its easily paid for itself many times over. This is the best program of its kind that I have ever looked into. Thank you"

Karl Oders, New York, NY

Beginning the Oxford Program is VERY EASY

Recognizing that different people have different needs, we offer two highly results-oriented and cost-effective plans for you to choose from. If you desire, you may choose the one package now and upgrade later with no penalty.


1. The 4-Phase Oxford Program Process

You will be led, step-by-step, through our proprietary 4-Phase process.

Read more about the process.

2. TOP Career Counseling

Online Coaching

Unlimited advice and coaching, addressing your specific situation, from the program founder and a team of expert career coaches Coaching is done via e-mail and private discussion forum.

One-on-One Telecoaching

Live, private coaching with your Oxford Coach via phone or Zoom.
- 3 sessions

3. Career Testing, Interpretation and Recommendations

TOP Career Testing Battery

Put together, these assessments help narrow thousands of possible careers to your perfect match: a career that fits you like a glove and pays you what you need. Includes the Personality assessment, Interests inventory, Entrepreneur suitability, Portfolio career suitability and more.

Highlands Ability Battery

The gold standard in scientific assessment of your natural abilities. 19 validated tests revealing natural abilities, gifts, and talents. Includes a coach-written Natural Vocation Report interpreting your HAB scores and suggesting careers, roles, and ideal environment. ($400 value)
Not included, but a $150 discount is available

Career Recommendations

Receive suggestions and ideas coming from the testing and coaches.

4. Other Strategic Resources

Oxford Method Workbook

23 exercises and 35 thought experiments proven to uncover your passions and generate discoveries.


According to, career counseling firms generally charge from $2,000 to $15,000 or more for one-on-one help. The Oxford Program costs far less than the low end of that range, while facilitating deeper self-knowledge and more on-target action.


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100% Day Money-Back Guarantee

my_image Ordering is RISK FREE.

What happens if the program just doesn't work for you?

If, for any reason you are in any way dissatisfied with the Oxford Program, simply request a refund within the first 30 days, show us you've done the work, and your fee will be immediately and cheerfully refunded.

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Limits: The Oxford Program is a serious program for people committed to discovering the work they are best built for. We only accept a limited number of clients into the Oxford Program per month so that the coaches can give the appropriate amount of attention. To determine if we are still taking new clients, click here to see if the order form is available.


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Steve Bohler, MS
Oxford Program Director/Head Coach
Masters of Science in Org. Psychology
Certified International Job & Career Transition Coach
Career Masters Institute

P.S. If you didn't sign-up, feel free to email me if you have a question I didn't answer.