Welcome to the Career Depression Quiz

Career depression typically results from being in the wrong job/career that is under-using your greatest natural abilities.

The self-test below is based on the work of Friedland and Marcus, who have outlined 3 stages of career depression:

Stage 1: Career Dissatisfaction
Stage 2: Career Demotivation
Stage 3: Career Paralysis

You have mild feelings of discouragement and depression that affect only your attitude towards your job.

You have nagging questions and doubts about the future of your career.

You are unclear about your career goals.

Your career goals keep shifting from one possibility to another without any real sense of a clear direction.

You are missing a sense of joy or passion in your work.

You feel so unhappy about your career that your motivation at work begins to suffer.

You find yourself giving less than your full effort at work.

You are "coasting" along in your job, just going through the motions or just treading water without taking the initiative or achieving at the levels you expect.

You basically feel confident about yourself as a person, but not confident about yourself in the job.

You feel trapped, depressed, inadequate, and hopeless when it comes to your job and your career.

Other areas of your life (e.g., family, romantic relationships, social life, hobbies, and health) are being affected.

You often feel inadequate, anxious, uncertain about where you fit in at work and insecure about your competencies.