How to Write a Career Change Cover Letter at 50

There are several reasons you may consider changing your career. However, no matter the reason, an important part of your success will be convincing hiring managers you’re the right person for the role – even if you have limited experience in that industry. Writing a career change cover letter later in your career can be Read More

14 Inspirational Quotations That Will Give You a Jolt

Inspirational Quotations

I’ve always loved a great, inspirational quotation. These are some of my favorites that have helped keep me inspired and on-purpose over the years. They remind me to live each day. “You know, we can’t get out of life alive! We can either die in the bleachers or die on the field. We might as Read More

My Career Change Story

I had been working in the Information Technology department of a major international investment bank. The pay and benefits were off the chart compared to what my peers were making and everyone seemed so impressed. Then something terrible happened.  I came face-to-face with reality. I was in the wrong career. While wearing my suit, carrying Read More

What Should I Do With My Life? Follow these steps.

Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Why do so many middle-aged men suddenly realize that their lives feel completely meaningless and have no sense of direction? Why do so many students graduate from college without a clue about what they want to do?  Why Read More

Why We Don’t Get What We Want

Repeat after me: “I will read this article” Everybody wants something. People want a large house with columns, a new partner, a different body and a vacation in Tahiti. They even want a new life – at least a new work life. At least that’s what the statistics and my observations reflect. If so many Read More

The Teacher Career Change

teacher career change

Teaching is truly a noble profession. However, today, turnover rates within the education field are skyrocketing. The teacher career change is becoming very common as educators look for alternative options. Today there are many difficulties for the average teacher to face, including the school administration, parents, students, and new government regulations. There’s an even higher burnout Read More